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Photo Treat From Todd Bush: Tuesday Sunrise

Photo by Todd Bush

Around five Tuesday morning, well before sunrise, a bright strip of light was visible along the northern horizon that looked unusual. Overhead cloud cover and night prevailed. To the south a waning gibbous moon looked like a dim cottonball through the clouds. Yet from the northeast it shouted – GET A CAMERA, GET ON THE ROOF! As dawn approached, the bright strip of light began to wash-out and it almost looked like the show was over. Then slowly shades of red, pink, yellow and orange kissed the sky in and above the strip of light. The color intensified, still in a localized band-like region to the north-east. These photos record the morning’s peak color looking toward Snake Mt., Rich Mt. and Elk Knob in NC and Mount Rogers and Whitetop in VA behind them. State Line Ridge in TN rises behind the pine. In the last shot of the sequence, first light began to illuminate the summits. Then seconds later the day turned gray and overcast.