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Where Was Phil? This Weekend, Phil Took Some Time Off For Some Rest and Relaxation!

Over the weekend, Phil took a break from visiting businesses so that he could have a little bit of time to himself around the High Country. Although thoughts about flushing poverty out of the High Country weren’t far from his mind, Phil was able to experience a little bit of downtime that was much needed for him to return to the project with high spirits and determination! 

Phil spent some time at the park, playing on playgrounds and having a good ol’ time with some toys that were just right for him!

Phil takes a day off and basks in the sun at the park for some downtime!

All work and no play makes Phil a dull boy, so it was important for him to have some fun in the sun! That is, until it rained. 

After the torrential downpour over the weekend, Phil had to focus on mowing the lawn in order to keep his area clean, organized and well-taken care of! He cleaned up his yard like he’s working to clean up the poverty in the community!

After the rain, Phil had to make sure he mowed his lawn!

Now that the weekend’s over, and such a good weekend it was for Phil, he is ready to get back to work and do whatever it takes to help us and our community get rid of poverty–because it stinks!