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Where Was Phil? He Spent Yesterday With Two Businesses At One Time!

Yesterday, Phil was able to visit two businesses at once! Double the fun, double the funds.

New River Surveyors and Golden Cockerel Russian Gifts partnered together to host Phil in their effort to flush out poverty. Both businesses are community-minded that are constantly helping to make a huge impact in Phil’s effort to rid the community of poverty.

Phil came all the way from New York to help us make our home the most beneficial and wonderful home for all of us. With businesses like the ones from today, as well as all the businesses that have already participated and will participate, we are reaching our goal.

Phil hangs out at the New River Surveyors for the day to work with these men to flush out poverty.
New River Surveyors opens its door to host Phil for the day to impact the community.
Phil spent yesterday with this second business, Golden Cockerel, and he had a blast.
The New River Surveyor crowd hangs with Phil as they put forth effort to better the community.