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Where Was Phil? Phil Was Having a Grand Time at Alray Tire Yesterday!

Yesterday, Phil had the pleasure of visiting Alray Tire on the second day of his work week. He had a blast hanging out with the tires and the people who work at Alray. He’s especially excited about all the other people he got to meet along the way!

Phil is here from NY to help the community work on lowering the poverty rate in our homes for our friends, families and neighbors who may be suffering from the crushing reality that comes with being impoverished. With the help of Phil, and WAMY, we are all working hard to help improve the lives of many in our community who just need some help and a couple of helping hands every now and then. 

If you see where Phil is today before we post about him, let us know and send us a picture! Phil is always looking forward to meeting everyone he can, so keep your eyes out and go say hey to him if you get the chance!

Judd Huffman and Jimmy Gragg of Alray Tire pose with Phil as the three of them work hard to improve the poverty rate in our home.