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Where Was Phil? Last Night He Attended a WAMY Board Meeting to Brainstorm

After working all day with Alray Tire to flush out poverty, Phil attended a WAMY Community Action Inc. board meeting to toss some ideas around with the board members on what else we can do to decrease the poverty rate in the High Country — because it stinks!

Phil had a fantastic time meeting the board members and spending time brainstorming more beneficial ideas with WAMY throughout the meeting. Any idea is a good idea because effort is being made to improve the lives of so many individuals. There’s no doubt that WAMY, along with Phil, came up with some amazing ideas to provide support to impoverished people within our community. 


Today, Phil is at Plan B, so stop by and say hello!


Phil hung out with the board members at last night’s meeting to brainstorm more ways that we can all work together to flush out poverty!
Phil loves being around people from the community, especially when those people are passionate about working towards the goal of decreasing poverty for our friends, families and neighbors!