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Peruse Short-Term, Long-Term Planning Goals Set By Banner Elk Town Council for FY 2014-15 & Beyond

By Jesse Wood

July 11, 2014. The Banner Elk Town Council held a “planning goals” workshop earlier in the year to set short and long term goals for fiscal year 2014-15.

Ongoing planning goals of the Banner Elk Town Council include strengthening downtown – improving its walkability, filling empty storefronts and improving the look of its streetscape.

One-year projects include building a kiosk in town, historical building markers and connecting the greenway at Mill Pond to Wildcat Lake.

Three-year goals include cleaning up dilapidated properties and park lighting.

Three other items are still being reviewed or need to be revisited before placement in the one-year or three-year slot. The council will revisit the need for the expansion of the public works building. It will also consider hiring a “position or coordinator – intern in park” and the need of developing a plan of action at the historic Banner Elk School.

See the entire list below:


  • Strengthen Downtown
  • Help Downtown to Look Fresh
  • Make Town Walkable –
  • Work with DOT on Improving Crosswalks
  • Fill Empty Store Fronts
  • Hanging Planters
  • Improve Streetscape Look (planters/trees)
  • Streetscape Maintenance
  • Public Works Clean up
  • Public Works Inventory
  • Keep Boards Full of Members
  • Marketing Efforts – Work with Others

One Year

  • Kiosk in Town
  • Historical Buildings Markers – Brick Markers Where Able
  • 100 Trees
  • Connection to Greenway – Wildcat Lake, Connection to Mill Pond
  • PARTF-Finish Park Project
  • Park Rules/Policy
  • Town Hall – Outside Repairs
  • Town Hall – Outside Lighting
  • Utility Improvement/Inventory – Finish Study

Three Year

  • Cleanup Dilapidated Properties
  • Park Lighting
  • Parking over Vault


  • Historic Banner Elk School – Not on List but on Mind – Need a Plan of Action
  • Revisit Need for Public Works Building Expansion
  • Hire a Position or Coordinator – Intern in Park