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Perhaps Our Last Snow Picture? Temperatures on the Rise the Next Several Days, 63 Degrees by Sunday

By Paul T. Choate

DSC_0162April 5, 2013. Could this be our last snow picture until fall? A lot of people are looking at the weather forecast, seeing that it is going to warm up and saying, “Good riddance to the snow!” 

The Boone area received around 36 inches of snow this winter season, according to Ray’s Weather Center — including some snowfall prior to and after winter in 2012-13. The ski resorts are closed, it’s April and people are ready for some warm weather and sunny days. And that’s exactly what they’re going to get. 

We will all start to feel a drastic change beginning this weekend, particularly on Sunday when temperatures are expected to climb into the 60s for the first time since the start of spring. The weekend is also looking to be pretty dry and sunny.

Looking further out, temperatures are expected to remain in the mid-60s through Wednesday of next week and only fall into the upper 50s towards the end of next week. There is also only a slight chance of rain for much of next week and, at least through Wednesday, it looks like there will be plenty of sunshine. Enjoy!