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Paul Hunter Speagle and patrick j richardson Share Edgewood Cottage as Artists in Residence Through June 16

This Week at Edgewood Cottage…

We’re excited to welcome you, our visitors, and two distinctive artists to the Cottage this week, Paul Hunter Speagle and patrick j richardson, who both work in oil but with two entirely different perspectives.  

Paul Hunter Speagle’s work is innovative, versatile, timeless and yet very today. Paul creates expressive and colorful works that reflect his passions and beliefs. Through painting, sculpture and more recently public murals, Paul experiments with light brushwork and composition to create his work. Come meet this creative artist, born and raised in Hickory, with work exhibited in Tokyo, Madrid and Art Basel in Miami. Paul is at Edgewood Cottage in Blowing Rock one week only from June 10 through June 16. 

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It’s often said that art and math/science are very close neighbors on the  continuum of life skills.  Our second artist in the Cottage this week patrick joseph richardson makes that case.  Following a 30-career developing innovative technologies in engineering, and three patents later, patrick turned to his first love:  creating art.  patrick presents compelling art through the lens of science and nature. 

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Come meet patrick and Paul at Edgewood Cottage in Blowing Rock from June 10 through June 16, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and enjoy the stories behind their work.

Courtesy of Edgewood Cottage.