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Fans of P.B. Scott’s Music Hall Flock to Facebook Pages for Information, Photos, Memories and More

by Madison V. Fisler

P.B. Scott's
P.B. Scott’s

April 21, 2014. Loud music, national acts, fun times and huge crowds were the trademark of the once legendary venue at P.B. Scott’s in Blowing Rock More  than 25 years after the establishment, which hosted national acts on a regular basis, closed its doors forever in 1983, those who once grooved all night long still long for the experience once again.

The ninth annual P.B. Scott’s Reunion Party will be held once again at Canyons in Blowing Rock on Saturday, May 3 at 9 p.m.

The bash will include live music from an old favorite, Brice Street, food and drinks with a $5 cover charge for the night. Every year for close to a decade, hundreds of excited guests flock to Canyons to be a part of the fun.

And for those who are looking for information about the bash, and who are looking for an outlet to share memories and pictures, many are turning to P.B. Scott’s Facebook pages to get all the information that they need. 

On these pages, not only can potential guests find all the information they need about the celebration, but the pages also provide an avenue for people to share their memories, show off their photos and much more. Fans of the pages can be completely plugged in to the current goings-on, while at the same time keeping up with old friends and making new ones

There is even a memorial page dedicated to the music hall, which allows fans to share their experiences and tell their stories to the world. 

Check out the Facebook pages here and here for more information about P.B. Scott’s and about the ninth annual Reunion Bash.