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Second-Grader Owen Ireland Discovers Five-Leaf Clover at Two Rivers Community School

By Cramer Lewis and Jessica Isaacs

What’s even more rare than finding a four-leaf clover? Finding a five-leaf clover, of course!

Second-grader Owen Ireland, 7, was lucky enough to find one of these unusual green gems just outside of his classroom at Two Rivers Community School on Sept. 1, right by the site of the school’s brand new playground, the final touches on which are being applied this week.

Ireland said he found it in a small clover patch by the school and took it home to find out what it could mean.

“I didn’t really know how rare it was. I didn’t know I would be on the newspaper,” he said. “I really like looking at three-leaf clovers that have really big leaves. I just picked it out and just waited until I got home.”

With the help of his parents, Ireland did some homework online and read stories about other children around the country who have found these lucky little clovers.

“We found out that people who found it were allowed to go on the newspaper,” he said. “We found out that it was extra rare and extra good luck.”

Ireland later framed the clover for safekeeping in his home, where it reminds him that the world around us offers an endless array of wondrous things to enjoy.

Some sources say the chances of finding a five-leaf clover are nearly 1,000,000 to 1.

Owen Ireland’s five-leaf clover