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Over 47,000 Voters Registered in Watauga County for the 2018 Mid-term Elections

By Nathan Ham

The latest numbers from the North Carolina Board of Elections show 47,388 registered voters for the 2018 election. These numbers are as of October 13.

Watauga County currently has 12,467 registered Democrats, 14,288 registered Republicans and 20,081 unaffiliated voters. There are also 543 Libertarian voters, five registered voters in the Constitution Party and four registered voters in the Green Party

Female voters outnumber male voters in the county with 24,788 women registered to vote and 21,932 men registered to vote.

Looking at other demographics, 43,511 registered voters are white, 1,139 voters are Hispanic, 1,059 voters are African American, 75 are American Indian and 2,743 voters declared themselves as other.

In Avery County there are 12,025 voters registered for this year’s election with the majority being Republicans (7,016). There are 1,440 registered Democrats, 3,519 unaffiliated voters and 50 Libertarian voters. Females also outnumber males in Avery County, 6,310 to 5,566. White voters make up a large majority of Avery County with 11,536 voters. There are 91 registered Hispanic voters, 85 African American voters, 24 American Indian voters and 380 voters identified as other.

Overall in North Carolina there are 7,049,452 registered voters with 2,672,111 as registered Democrats, 2,102,943 registered Republicans and 2,236,170 unaffiliated voters.