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Outdoor Photo Stroll and Workshop Held Wednesday, June 5, At Daniel Boone Native Gardens in Boone

May 30, 2013. An Outdoor Photo Stroll & Workshop will be held on Wednesday, June 5, from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Daniel Boone Native Gardens in Boone. It is a very non-technical event stressing methods and techniques, over equipment and specifically designed for flower and plant enthusiasts who would like to take better pictures.

danielnativegateParticipants need only bring whatever camera (and gear, if any) they currently use, and wear comfortable outdoor clothing appropriate to the morning’s weather conditions. After 30 minutes of group instruction and discussion, the strolling begins, at which time personalized help is available. 

There is no charge, although a donation or membership in Friends of the Garden is encouraged. There is a useful handout plus two 5 x7 photo prints made from images participants capture during the class.

These pairs of prints will be displayed and judged, with two selected shots made into 11” x 16” prints, framed and used by the Gardens until presented formally to the winners at a later date.