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Our Website is a Mess. We had a Major Hack. Safe To Use, But To Take A While To Cleanup

By Jesse Wood

Our website has been a mess for the past week. We had a major hack that redirected visitors to a Canadian pharmacy website towards the end of last week and eventually knocked us offline over the weekend.

While it make take a few days to clean up, the website is still completely safe to use as we closed the entry “door” on the hackers. We’ve eliminated the malware infection, updated applications and are engaged in an ongoing effort to ramp up our security.

Currently, we’ve simplified the website to where only the news feed shows up. This should keep you up to date on what’s happening in the High Country in the mean time. We’ll add all of our other features as soon as possible.

It seems like one of the major news topics of the past couple years has been the hacking of websites of big corporations such as Sony, Home Depot and Target. While those stories make the headlines, interestingly enough, nearly one-third of all hacks target small businesses.

Guess it was our turn.