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Organizers Announce Details Regarding Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

The organizers of The Banff Mountain Film Festival in Boone, NC are announcing details regarding the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour which is typically presented every spring. Unfortunately, due to the continued situation of the Covid – 19 pandemic, organizers are unable to present our typical Banff Film Festival screening this spring.

However, through a partnership with the Banff Centre for Mountain Culture, four virtual programs are now available to rent. Appalachian State University Outdoor Programs receives a portion of the proceeds of every rental. To access the four unique, virtual film programs, go to the Virtual Banff Film Festival World Tour.

These four programs feature films from the 45th Annual Banff Film Festival held back in November 2020.

For those Banff Film Festival fans who enjoy the in-person Banff experience, organizers are currently planning for two large, in-person, outdoor Banff Film Festival World Tour events which will be held in early September 2021. Details will be announced soon for this event. The two outdoor film festival screenings will also feature films from the 45th Annual Banff Film Festival held back in November 2020, but do not include any of the films that are a part of the virtual film programs that are currently available to rent.

The content of these films are exclusive for the in-person, outdoor Banff screenings which will take place in September.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival – a program of The Banff Centre – is the largest and one of the most prestigious, mountain film festivals in the world. The Banff Film Festival screenings in Boone, presented on the Appalachian State University campus, have become one of the largest in North America. This year, local organizers will be screening the film festival outdoors for the first time in their 25 year history of presenting this event.

With films from over 30 countries, this year’s tour features a collection of the most inspiring mountain adventure, culture, and environmental films from the festival. Organizers will once again feature a well-balanced collection of films that feature unique and diverse perspectives, voices, cultures, and landscapes that have always been central and so important to the success and value of this film festival.

“We have been working hard behind the scenes to envision and create a fun, safe, and enjoyable outdoor Banff Film Festival for audiences in September”, states Rich Campbell, Associate Director with University Recreation, which includes Outdoor Programs. “We have tentative dates reserved, have tested the video and audio with the films in the outdoor setting, and the location will be unique and super fun. We plan on making an official announcement in early June and will begin selling tickets and promoting the event soon after.”

Banff Film Festival coupon holders from the cancelled March 2020 event will be able to use their coupons for this event.

“The Banff Film Festival is highly anticipated every year underscoring how strongly this festival is supported in the High Country. Our community has embraced the themes, characters, and stunning cultures and landscapes that the World Tour brings to us every year and I think our audience will be very pleased with the quality, diversity, creativity, and passion the films highlight. And, watching the films this year under the stars will make it more fun than ever before.”

To access the Banff Film Festival Virtual Screenings, please go to: Virtual Banff Film Festival World Tour

Organizers will be announcing more information about the Banff Film Festival outdoor, in-person screenings soon. Stay tuned!      

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is an annual international competition celebrating its 45th year featuring the world’s best films on mountain themes. In November 2020, the festival screened over 50 finalist films, chosen from more than 400 entries from over 30 different countries. The film festival is organized by The Banff Centre for Mountain Culture in Banff, Canada. For information visit: The Banff Centre.

For more information on Outdoor Programs visit: https://urec.appstate.edu/outdoor-programs