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Online Fundraisers Established for Victims in Fatal Valle Landing Fire in Valle Crucis

By Jesse Wood

A few online fundraisers have been established to help the victims of last week’s fire in Valle Crucis that claimed one life, injured others and burned Valle Landing, a mixed-use shopping center, to the ground.

Since confirming one fatality on Friday afternoon, emergency officials haven’t released many more details. Updates will be posted as soon as officials release details.

Know of any other Valle Landing fire related fundraisers – online or otherwise? Please comment below or send an email to jesse@highcountrypress.com.

Sweet Macie’s Funeral Expenses

Marky and Macie Pietrowickz – Images courtesy of associated fundraiser pages.
Macie Dove Pietrowickz

A fundraiser with a goal of $20,000 has been set up to fund the funeral expenses of Macie Dove Pietrowickz. Less than $5,000 has been raised in the past three days – as of Tuesday afternoon.

“Marky is in the hospital and as far as I know they lost absolutely everything. I am unsure of his condition, [but] I know 40 percent of his body is burnt. Marky and Macie were inseparable and I can’t even begin to think about how devastated he is along with trying to heal,” according to a family friend that established the fundraiser. “Let’s do what we can to raise money for this family that has given so many blessings to others during this heartbreaking time. Any money raised will be going to the Dove Family and Marky, Macie’s husband. Please keep all of us in your prayers.”

Click here to view this fundraiser.

Family of Four Homeless

Nicky Nagy

A family of four – Nicky and Andreas Nagy and their two young girls, Alice and Ellie, survived the fatal fire. The matriarch of the family, Nicky Nagy, however suffered injuries from jumping from their second-story bedroom window to escape the fire.

With four broken vertebra, she is being fitted for a full-body brace – in addition to a leg brace. According to the GoFundMe.com campaign, she will need extensive physical therapy, and the family is worried about the mounting medical bills.

“Not only are they facing ever-increasing medical bills and continuing recovery treatments, they have to rebuild both their lives and livelihood starting with basic daily essentials like clothes, school supplies, toiletries, furniture, medicines, transportation, etc. and of course, new housing,” according to the GoFundMe.com page. “Everyone involved would be grateful and thankful for any donation to help them face their new life challenges and daily needs.”

One local resident has offered a fully furnished cabin in Valle Crucis for the family to live in while they get their life back on track. Their new contract address is Nicky and Andreas Nagy, P.O. Box, 626 Valle Crucis, NC 28691.

So far about $10,300 of the $75,000 goal has been raised.

Click here to view this fundraiser.

Fund for Bald Guy Brew Coffee

13710191_1471136158.9093One of the business that operated out of Valle Landing was Bald Guy Brew, and according to the online fundraiser, owner Don Cox lost about $100,000 in roasting equipment and van, according to preliminary figures.

“All was lost except for cargo bike and 3 pounds of roasted coffee,” according to the GoFundMe.com fundraiser.

Dana Terrell, who started the campaign on behalf of Cox, wrote, “This page as been established to relieve some of the financial burden for Don Cox, the owner of Bald Guy Brew Coffee Roasting Company. Please join us in showing support for this local business through sharing and donating what you can.”

So far, $6,300 of the $8,000 goal has been raised – as of Tuesday afternoon.

Click here to view this fundraiser.

Caroline Gandy, executive director of the Valle Crucis Community Park, wrote this letter to the editor regarding the varied ways to donate to those affected by the Valle Landing fire. Here is here entire letter, some of which overlaps the above info:

Dear Editor,

Early on Friday morning, Aug. 12, a catastrophic fire destroyed Valle Landing, a complex of businesses and apartments in the heart of Valle Crucis. The fire claimed five businesses, three occupied homes, and one life. Valle Crucis is small, close-knit community and we are devastated by this disaster. We all want to do whatever we can to best help those affected. There are currently several opportunities to give:

The Nagy Family lost both their home and their business in the fire. They had recently purchased a commercial unit in Valle Landing and were planning to open a restaurant. They were also living in a second-floor apartment in the building. Mrs. Nagy broke four vertebrae jumping from the second-story window after getting her two daughters, ages 11 and 14, to safety. She is currently in Baptist Hospital and is expected to be released on Wednesday. Thanks to a generous neighbor, the Nagys do have a furnished house to live in while they figure out their next steps. They are currently in need of cash and gift cards to purchase groceries, household items, and clothes. The family will face major medical expenses as well as the cost of replacing all of their possessions and finding permanent housing in the near future. Online giving is available at www.gofundme.com/2jqfucpg. Or, gift cards or checks made out directly to Andreas Nagy can be sent care of the Valle Crucis Community Park, PO Box 581, Valle Crucis, NC, 28691.

A young woman also tragically lost her life in the fire, while her husband suffered severe burns and is currently being treated at Baptist Hospital. An online fund has been set up to help cover his medical expenses and get him back on his feet. Online giving is available at marksfund.mydagsite.com. Or, gift cards or checks made out directly to Mark Pietrowicz can be sent care of the Valle Crucis Community Park, PO Box 581, Valle Crucis, NC, 28691.

While we understand that many people want to donate clothes and other household items, it is important to be aware that receiving these donations can be very overwhelming to the affected families. Please, consider donations of money or gift cards in lieu of other items.

If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to call 828-963-9239 or email caroline@vallecrucispark.org. Thank you for all of the generosity that you have shown and will continue to show our neighbors. We are all struggling to come to terms with this tragedy, and we will need to support one another just as we will support those families directly affected by it. We are blessed to live, work, and worship in this community, and we will get through this together.


Caroline Gandy

Executive Director

Valle Crucis Community Park

Know of any other Valle Landing fire related fundraisers? Please comment below or send an email to jesse@highcountrypress.com.