1000 x 90

Noyes Capehart Exhibition at The Art Cellar Gallery to be held through August 21

Highway Man by Noyes Capehart

Storytelling, as an art, can transport audiences through time and space. Since the dawn of human existence, we have told these stories through pictures as well as spoken word. Many visual artists continue to take on the challenge to convey everything from historical events to personal memories, even dream-like fictions. 

The Art Cellar Gallery is fortunate to represent several visual artists with the gift of storytelling on their list. One artist that stands out for his unique combination of words and pictures is Noyes Capehart. Not only is Noyes an established painter with countless awards and recognitions but he is also a published author of several novels. His inclusion of passages from his book The Private Diaries of Noyes Capehart sets him apart from other artists as it provides insight to the story each piece strives to convey. 

“My art is about my life; it is a tangible reflection of deeply held feelings and experiences. I would submit that I am concerned with reality: that I’m, in the largest sense of the word, a realist. I care only about making pictures that reflect strongly felt personal feelings and experiences.” – Noyes Capehart (American Artist Magazine) 

The artist was born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1933 and grew up in a small factory town on the Cumberland River. After earning a degree in illustration at Auburn University, he moved to New York City to work as a night guard at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This experience had a huge impact on him as an artist and famed paintings that he became familiar with during his time there still appear in many of his own pieces. 

In 1960 he left the Met Museum and began a career in teaching which brought him to Boone North Carolina in 169 where he remained until his retirement in 1997. In January of 2008, Director Morgan Potts and a film crew from UNC-TV spent three days in the High Country filming and interviewing Capehart for a planned Our State segment on my Private Diary Series. A major portion of filming was done at a selected site between Boone and West Jefferson, a deserted house that he has painted several times during his forty years of residence in Watauga County. This superbly done 10-minute segment, directed by Potts and filmed by Mike Burke, recently won an Emmy Award. 

An exhibition for Noyes Capehart will be held at The Art Cellar Gallery Monday, August 9 through Saturday, August 21. Join The Art Cellar Gallery for a chance to interact with Noyes and his artwork at an open house on Saturday, August 14 from 4 to 6pm. Noyes will also be in the gallery on Friday, August 13 for an Artist Talk to give collectors and admirers insight into his inspiration for his paintings and writing. The Art Cellar Gallery has prepared a very exciting line-up for this summer season which will conclude with a solo exhibition for Raymond Chorneau. Visit www.artcellargallery.com for a full season schedule!