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Nov. 6th: BlackCat Burrito Heads to Space with Modern-retro Guitar Pop of Sam Kogon

Sam Kogon, new indie pop sensation out of New York, will be stopping by BlackCat Burrito in Boone this Sunday night, Nov. 6 as a part of his East Coast-Midwest tour in support of his second album, Psychic Tears.

The music scene of BlackCat is known, alongside Boone Saloon, for having its finger on the cutting edge. Kogon’s guitar driven modern-retro indie pop embodies the spirit of freely burgeoning young talent that defines the cutting edge.

Kogon’s artistry, a furious combination of layered pop guitar riffs and slow-burning, understated, crooning vocal melodies, encompasses a sprawling artistic range reflective one moment of Roy Orbison’s emotive power the next of Thom Yorke’s subtle control and still the next the sassy serenity of David Bowie. These attributes are held together by Kogon’s authoritative and fluid control over his chamber pop harmonies and arrangements.

Backed in production of his new album by Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records, Kogon was able to test his talents on a higher production level than ever before with access to new toys and resources during the making of Psychic Tears.      

“I’d say it’s a tribute album to all the bands who imitated the Beatles,” says Kogon of the album. “My influences were Marc Bolan, George Harrison, Roy Wood, and Al Jardine.”

Modern-retro is the best word to describe Psychic Tears and the rest of Kogon’s work. While the album makes no direct references to any classics, it drips with the spirits of his influences.  

The album features an effortlessly balanced mixture of exquisite melodies, both vocally and instrumentally, with a nasty punk vibe. In the album, arrangements meander from chugging boogies to dreamy woozy indie ballads and nervy new wave arrangements featuring slick downhill guitar riffs. All is woven together by constant guitar layers that often play against synth, piano and strings.captain-morgan_sam-kogon

Kogon has recently made impressive strides with his music, signing with Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records after catching their attention with his 2015, self-produced album, Before You Knew Me, which earned him the reputation of pop-wunderkind in addition to the attention of the record company that would see to the production of Psychic Tears.

“After being in a string of college bands that broke up as soon as they started to gain momentum, I decided to make the leap and start going out under my own name. I figured that I couldn’t break up with myself if I use my own name,” says Kogon of his musical rise. “We played a lot of shows in the beginning, making friends with other bands and just kept at it.”

Kogon, a massive talent as a singer, guitar-player, songwriter, and pop music arranger, did not have to keep at it long before establishing his reputation in the scene and securing a contract with a record label.

“We recorded the album at Figure 8 Studios with Sam Owens (aka Sam Evian). The label has been amazing. It’s very hands on and everyone’s opinion matters. It was a great experience: a dream come true.”

Don’t miss the chance to see this rising indie-pop star in the intimate and exciting environment BlackCat is known to provide for bands and music fans. Doors open at 10 p.m. this Sunday night. The cost of entry will be 5$ for attendees 18 and older.