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Northwestern Studios to Present ‘Jazz, Tap and More Revue’ and ‘The Sun and the Moon’

Northwestern Studios will present two family-friendly dance productions this weekend in the Ross Auditorium at Watauga High School.

FRI. MAY 22: “Jazz, Tap and More Revue,” 7 p.m.

SAT. MAY 23: Comic children’s ballet “The Sun and The Moon,” 7 p.m.

SUN. MAY 24: Comic children’s ballet “The Sun and The Moon,” 3 p.m.

The “Jazz, Tap, and More Revue” is a lively show blending many different styles of dance. The dancers have worked all year learning various elements within each dance style and now get to share what they have learned. The audience will be treated to upbeat jazz, tap, contemporary and hip-hop dances, along with performances by the award-winning Northwestern Starz Competition Team.

The comic children’s ballet, “The Sun and The Moon” is an original ballet that tells the story of the great and glorious Mother Nature who has set forth a challenge to the Sun and the Moon to settle their argument over who can claim dominion over the skies. It is a dance off! The favorite creatures and flowers of the Sun and the Moon are called in to perform for Mother Nature and her Nature Fairies. Who will Mother Nature and her Nature Fairies choose? What could possibly go wrong?

Featured performers are Lily Cavanaugh as the Sun, Isabella Cutillo as the Moon and Carolyn Ward as Mother Nature with McKenzie McLean, Carolina Norman, and Savannah Troyer as the Nature Fairies. The ballet is staged and choreographed by Courtney Boccardy with additional choreography by Stacey Trivett and Stephanie Bengtson.

Tickets are $10/child and $12/adult or get a 50 cent discount and bypass the ticket line by getting your tickets online.


northwestern pub shot
Pictured (from left) are Northwestern Studios’ Lily Cavanaugh and Isabella Cutillo.