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North Carolina Pastors Network Planning Press Conference July 15 to Discuss Marriage in Virginia, NC

July 14, 2014. North Carolina Pastors Network is planning a press conference for 10 a.m. July 15 on the steps of the south side of the State Capitol in Raleigh to address the upcoming 4th Circuit Court of Appeals decision regarding Virginia’s marriage amendment.

At the event, NCPN representatives will call on North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory to specifically defend marriage for all states that fall under the 4th Circuit, should the court rule against the protection of traditional marriage in the state.

Dave Kistler, president of the North Carolina Pastors Network, said that because North Carolina falls under the 4th Circuit’s jurisdiction, the ruling will directly affect the North Carolina citizens’ hard-fought traditional marriage victory.

“As with Pennsylvania, Utah, Kentucky and several other states where the Attorneys General chose not to defend their states’ marriage laws, North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper is on record stating his lack of support for our voter-approved amendment to protect marriage,” said Kistler, also president of HOPE Ministries International. “Therefore, we have absolutely no confidence that he will defend North Carolina’s marriage amendment, should it also be in question after the Virginia ruling by the 4th Circuit. And, as is the case with other states where voters overwhelmingly defined marriage as between one man and one woman, North Carolina appears to have no one prepared to defend the law, including our Attorney General.”

In 2012, more than 60 percent of North Carolina voters approved a marriage amendment that defined marriage as between one man and one woman.

The North Carolina Pastors Network is unequivocally committed to a biblical worldview and to voting for individuals who most clearly embrace it, regardless of political party. NCPN is a group of biblically faithful clergy and church liaisons whose objective is to build a permanent infrastructure of like-minded clergy who affirm the authority of scripture, take seriously Jesus’ command to be the “salt and light” to the culture, encourage informed Christian thinking about contemporary social issues, examine public policy issues without politicizing their pulpits and engage their congregations in taking part in the political process on a non-partisan basis. The North Carolina Pastors Network is a state chapter of the American Pastors Network.

For more information on North Carolina Pastors Network, visit www.americanpastorsnetwork.net/north-carolina.

The North Carolina Pastors Network is a state chapter affiliate of the American Pastors Network. The American Pastors Network is a Ministry Program Affiliate of Capstone Legacy Foundation (a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian Public Community Foundation registered nationwide).