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Droves of Residents and Guests Brave the Winter Weather for Newland’s Downtown Halloween Festivities

Nov. 4, 2014. Last Friday night’s winter forecast, dropping temperatures and drizzle sure didn’t cool or dampen the spirits of kids, parents, business leaders, churches and civic organizations during Newland’s Halloween Downtown Trick-or-Treat festivities. This annual event is held from 4:30-7 p.m. to give trick-or-treaters a safe, daylight setting in which to gather with their family and friends for the celebration.

Despite the weather, folks from all over Newland, Linville, surrounding Avery County communities and even nearby Tennessee poured into downtown Newland streets to grab some free candy, share the fun and show off their amazing Halloween costumes.

Creativity was in its full glory as everyone from grandma down to the youngest stroller babies were decked out and ready to put on a show. Superheroes, combies, fairies, soldiers, witches, Transformers, space aliens, vampires, Ninja Turtles, historical figures and even the Jetsons with Astro paraded up and down Newland’s sidewalks.

Members of the Newland Business Association (NBA) joined churches, community leaders and business owners as they hosted numerous free candy and treats stations down the main drag. In between the candy corners, Halloweeners got a peak at the new rustic decorative planters donated to downtown Newland from the Newland Business Association.

From all reports, little if any candy was left over by night’s end. As always, Newland’s finest were on hand helping the crowds of people cross the main intersections quickly and safely. Given the continuous stream of people moving up and down the streets, our local police stayed very busy, yet kept everything flowing smoothly.

Topping off the event, a packed house filled the Guy Braswell Annex below the town library from 6-7 p.m. for the best costume and Halloween pumpkin contests. To give everyone a chance to win, categories from toddlers to adults had their own separate judging. First, second and third place prizes were awarded in each category and it was a tough call, since so many costumes were both very original and highly creative.

The best pumpkin award went to the folks of Yellow Mountain Enterprises of Newland for their iconic “The Tin-Man” jack-o-lantern. It was sprayed a metal gray and its arms and legs were made of actual tin cans. And the NBA awarded the team a $50 gift certificate from McDonalds.

This highly successful and totally fun event is just one of the many hosted throughout this year by the town of Newland and the Newland Business Association, along with local community and business leaders. And get ready for more downtown festivities as the winter holiday season approaches. The annual Christmas parade, Christmas tree town lighting and other special holiday events are on schedule to bring Newland and surrounding communities together in celebration of this area’s most magical time of the year. Stay posted to the NBA’s website at www.newlandbusiness.org for upcoming event details, and watch for the ongoing press release throughout the area’s media outlets.

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