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New River Light and Power Alerts Customers of Wholesale Cost Decline, Monthly Savings of About 40 Cents

By Jesse Wood

Jan. 30, 2015. The New River Light and Power sent out a notice that customers will see a decrease in their electricity bills starting Feb. 1.

The rate adjustment was approved by the N.C. Utilities Commission earlier in the month, and New River Light and Power noted that the “decrease in your rate is due solely in the wholesale costs that New River pays for wholesale electricity.”

Residential customers consuming 1000 kWh each month will see a decrease of $0.40 per month – from $97.38 for 1000 kWh to $96.97.

While New River Light and Power noted that electricity prices have increased over the years, recent wholesale prices have declined because of the drop in fuel costs.

For more information, click to New River Light and Power’s website or call 828-264-3671.