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Troy’s 105 Diner Featured in New Music Video for Luke Combs’s Song ‘Cold As You’

A scene in the music video showing the outside of Troy’s 105 Diner.

By Harley Nefe

While many country music fans are being brought to Boone this weekend for Luke Combs’s concert on Saturday, Sept. 4, there’s an interesting fact floating around the town revolving around the country music star. The latest music video for Luke Combs’s song “Cold As You” includes scenes featuring a local-favorite restaurant.

The video, which premiered on August 24, opens with three trucks in the parking lot of Troy’s 105 Diner and then continues inside the dining hotspot with a man sitting at the counter.

Justin “J.B.” Byrum, who is one of the owners of Troy’s Diner, remembers how this opportunity came about. 

“It was a Friday night, and one of our staff members got a phone call from the production team asking if we would be willing to let them shoot part of the video here,” Byrum recalled. “I don’t think anybody actually believed it was true, but it got around to me, and when I talked to them on the phone, they said the restaurant was the perfect place.”

The production team was looking for a 1950s style diner, and Troy’s Diner shares a special local connection with Luke Combs as he was a former App State student.

“It’s a local spot, and it fits with the song really well,” Byrum said. “They were actually in a time crunch because they weren’t going to do the music video and then later decided they were going to. It was either going to be us, or if we said no, they were going to go to Waffle House. But it worked out really well for us and them.”

Luke Combs was not at Troy’s Diner during the filming because he was on tour, but the production team filmed at the restaurant on July 16. 

“They showed up on a Friday afternoon, and it took them about 15 hours,” Byrum said. “We closed down Friday afternoon, and they did the entire shoot for here in one day. It was insane to see. Luke Combs’s mom was here, and she was in the video along with all the actors. The whole crew was super fun. It was a really cool experience to be a part of.”

Byrum was able to see it all unfold.

“It was really cool to see how the shots came together and then to see the video because we watched them shoot this one scene like 100 times, and it’s only in the video for about three seconds,” he explained. “It was a neat inside perspective seeing the shots, knowing what was supposed to happen, and then seeing the final video actually come together.”

A scene in the music video showing the inside of the restaurant.

When he first saw the finished video, Byrum said it was really exciting. Many customers have also been visiting the restaurant and talking about the diner being featured. 

“The director of the video was talking about sneaking Luke Combs by here if we’re lucky, but who knows,” Byrum said. “I can’t complain about business right now!”

The music video for the song “Cold As You” featuring Troy’s 105 Diner is linked below: