1000 x 90

New Dimensions at Studio Sculpture Garden & Gallery: A Garden for Art, A Place for Sculpture

Carl Peverall and Assistants carefully lower main stone into place.

A garden filled with sculpture that is made for full sun, shady retreat or expansive lawn, has burst into bloom in Linville Falls.  There has been constant activity of artists as new sculptures are installed, lifted by hoists or carefully carried and gently placed under the trees or in the green lawn. The energy of the sculptures fill the outdoors, welcoming visitors to walk or sit, enjoying the experience of art in the landscape at the new Studio Sculpture Garden & Gallery.

Studio Sculpture Garden & Gallery is located on Hwy. 221, at the same location of well-known artist Bill Brown’s sculpture studio. The studio has deep roots that go back over 36 years but is now expanding to show the work of other acclaimed sculptors in the studio’s welcoming landscape and gallery.  Guided by the passion and experience of Liz Brown, the Studio Sculpture Garden and Gallery represents accomplished artists working in diverse materials and styles and encompasses pieces for exteriors and interiors, providing a premier location in our region to experience and collect sculpture.

The growing list of sculptors includes, Rick Beck working in cast glass creating abstract compositions, from figures to tools for wall, table or floor.  Beck’s sculptures bring color and light to the gallery and interact well with Bill Brown’s interior sculptures. The engaging textural clay sculptures of Tinka Jordy, focus primarily on the figure in nature bringing calm beauty and color to the garden as well as interiors. Carl Peverall uses the ancient stones of our region to create powerful pieces that have strong presence and delicate balance.  Many of his graceful works seem to defy gravity.

The gentle breeze of the garden adds to the beauty of Mike Roig’s graceful stainless steel sculptures as these kinetic pieces move in the wind. Roig’s surface and line reflect and engage with the environment. Of course, sculptor Bill Brown is well represented with his steel sculptures ranging from large scale to life size outdoor works that show his strong artistic intent and expressive use of materials. 

Sculptor Carl Peverall and Alchemist just installed at Studio Sculpture Garden.

The Studio Sculpture Garden & Gallery is open Tuesdays thru Saturdays from 10am to 5pm and by appointment or happenstance.  The sculpture garden will be host to special events from celebrations to guest artists and talks, and will be continually changing as new work arrives from the artists. A very special Sculpture Garden Party is scheduled for the middle of July.  Liz Brown is available for consultations on developing sculpture collections and for assisting in site selection for the artworks. Contact the sculpture garden at 828.765.6226 or visit www.studiosculpture.com