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New ASU Sexual Misconduct Policy Addendum Presented Last Friday at Board of Trustees Meeting

By Paul T. Choate

ASU Chancellor Kenneth Peacock speaking at the Sept. 21 Board of Trustees meeting. Peacock approved the new Sexual Misconduct Policy addendum in August of this year. Photo by Paul T. Choate

Sept. 25, 2012. On Friday, Sept. 21, the Appalachian State University Board of Trustees met for their quarterly meeting and an addendum to the Code of Student Conduct related to sexual misconduct was discussed.

ASU Dean of Students J.J. Brown presented details of the addendum to the Board of Trustees, and said that although the Student Code of Conduct is revised every year, this year had what he called “big changes.”

The Sexual Misconduct Policy addendum, approved by Chancellor Kenneth Peacock in August, was devised by working directly with the Office of Civil Rights, said Brown. 

The policy provides an extensive and detailed definition of consent, as well detailing how code of conduct cases will be assigned an investigator based on the Civil Rights investigative model.

The policy defines consent as, “clear, knowing, voluntary, and sober permission for another person to do something that affects the person giving consent.”

The extensive addendum comes in part as a reaction to two separate events that happened in 2011 regarding women allegedly being sexually assaulted by student athletes and their alleged attackers being let back on campus. In the wake of the controversy, protests from the student body took place, including a silent protest on March 2, 2012. 

Brown also said a new Sexual Misconduct Board had been created, and that students will not be permitted on the board, adding that he felt it would put them in a “difficult position.”

Following Brown’s presentation, a short but powerful video made by ASU’s Communication Department was shown which addressed civil rights issues and featured Erin Johnston, the victim of a severe assault back in February that was perceived to be motivated by her sexual orientation. 

To view the entire Sexual Misconduct Policy, click here

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