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NC Lottery Players Win More Than $16M in Prizes This Week, Powerball Jackpot Lump Sum Jumps to $60M

July 4, 2014. Lottery players in North Carolina across 20 towns and cities won more than $16.4 million in prizes since Thursday, June 26. During that time, players of instant scratch-off games won more than $13.6 million. Players of draw games won more than $2.8 million in total prizes.

Cary man on $750,000 lottery win: ‘It was a life-changing moment’

“It enables our family to not worry so much about the future. I am extremely grateful for the security it provides for us,” Ronnie Versteeg said.

Beaufort County man wins $376,407 Carolina Cash 5 jackpot

James Freeman of Washington matched all five numbers in the June 18 Carolina Cash 5 to win the jackpot.

Fayetteville man wakes up to find he’s won a jackpot

“When I found out at midnight, I thought it had to be a dream,” Randy Taylor said. “I woke up the next morning with a smile on my face when I realized I had really won.”

Moore County man on $150,000 instant win: ‘It feels like a big payday’

“I couldn’t believe it when I found out I won, because it takes awhile to set in,” Franklin Holder of Cameron said as he held his check for the first time. “Now it feels like a big payday.”

Mega Millions Report

Friday’s Mega Millions jackpot is an estimated $20 million if taken as an annuity or $11.4 million if taken as a lump sum. In Tuesday’s Mega Millions drawing, 22,073 tickets won prizes ranging from $1 to $15,000, totaling $74,757. In the June 27 drawing, 23,756 tickets won $58,894 in prizes ranging from $1 to $5,000.

Powerball Report 

Saturday’s Powerball players have the chance to win a $101 million jackpot if taken as an annuity or $60.3 million if taken as a lump sum. Wednesday’s Powerball drawing produced 12,695 winning tickets ranging from $4 to $200, totaling $76,249. The Saturday, June 28 Powerball drawing produced 15,169 winning tickets ranging from $4 to $10,000, totaling $123,376.