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NC Attorney General: Beware of Emails With Subject Lines Regarding Boston Marathon Explosion Pics, Vids

NC Attorney General's OfficeApril 19, 2013. Sadly, it’s no surprise that cybercriminals are using the tragic explosions that took place at the Boston Marathon to try to scam you. Beware of emails with subject lines such as “2 Explosions at Boston Marathon” or “Boston Explosion Caught on Video” even if the email appears to come from someone you know.

The message will likely include links to videos of the bombings and their aftermath. Clicking on the link could infect your computer with malware that hackers and other criminals could use to access your computer remotely and steal your personal information.

To view official images connected with the investigation of the Boston Marathon explosion, visit http://www.fbi.gov/bostonbombings.

To protect yourself from fraudulent emails and malware attacks:

  • Don’t open emails from addresses you don’t recognize.
  • Be hesitant to click on links.
  • Forward spam emails to the Federal Trade Commission at [email protected].
  • Keep virus protection software up to date.
  • Install a firewall.
  • Secure your wireless router and use the built-in encryption mechanism.
  • Check your computer for spyware/malware and install software that will protect against spyware downloads such as “key-logging” spyware that records your keystrokes.
  • Use a password to protect your computer.
  • Don’t store financial account information on your computer.
  • Don’t store Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) or account numbers on a computer that is accessible to the Web.

To file a complaint with our Consumer Protection Division, visit www.ncdoj.gov or call 1-877-5-NO-SCAM.