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Mount Vernon Celebrates 150 Years of God’s Faithfulness with Six Weeks of Special Events

By Jessica Isaacs | jessica@highcountrypress.com

One of the county’s largest and longest standing churches, Mount Vernon Baptist, invites you to join a six-week celebration of its past, its present and its future. The festivities begin this week in honor of the church’s 150th birthday and of God’s faithful plan for the church family.

The original Mount Vernon wood structure built in 1895. Submitted by MVBC.
The original Mount Vernon wood structure built in 1895. Submitted by MVBC.

Since its doors first opened in 1866, Mt. Vernon has served as a place of worship, a blessing to the community and a beacon of light for local people in many ways. Proclaiming the truth of God’s word and spreading the good news of the gospel have remained at the heart of its mission for generations.

“Our vision from the inception was to be a blessing to the community, and we’ve tried to demonstrate that over the years,” said the Rev. Greg Heisler, senior pastor at MVBC. “I think our church has a reputation of a willingness to help out those who are hurting and in need, and we have many folks who have benefitted through that. Our vision is to see lives changed by the gospel, and that’s really our purpose for existing.”

The coming weeks will offer praise and worship, special music, inspirational messages, visits from former pastors and fun for all ages as the church family celebrates an important milestone at MVBC.

Mount Vernon Baptist Church, 3505 Bamboo Road in Boone. Submitted by MVBC.
Mount Vernon Baptist Church, 3505 Bamboo Road in Boone. Submitted by MVBC.

“We know that we wouldn’t be here unless it was God’s purpose and God’s will and His faithfulness. Not every church makes it to 150 years — churches start and come and go,” Heisler said. “I think it’s a real testament to the faithfulness of God over the years; the faithfulness of the members here to tell people why we’re here and to pass that message on from generation to generation.

“Billy Graham said a long time ago that Christianity is always one generation away from extinction, and this church has survived multiple generations. Through wars, through depressions, the constancy seems to be the faithfulness of God. He has had his hand on this church and has used this church in so many ways. The people have risen to the occasion time and time again, and God has blessed us for that.”

New friends and visitors are always welcome at Mount Vernon; but, if you’ve been waiting for the right time to get involved, your wait is over! The 150th celebration gives you plenty of opportunities to jump right in, get to know the folks at MVBC and learn what it’s all about.

“This is a great time for people to get a feel for Mount Vernon, where we’ve been and where we’re headed. This year is important for people, and it’s not just a historical marker,” said Heisler. “We want to also cast our vision for the next 150 years. It’s a great time for people to come and give thanks for how God has worked in the past, but also to anticipate that the future will continue to burn bright.”

More than 1,100 members call MVBC their church home, and they would love to get to know you!

MVBC is located at 3505 Bamboo Road in Boone. To contact the staff, watch the latest sermons, learn about its ministries or get more information, check out mvbcb.org or follow the church on Facebook.

Click to watch video testimonials from church members.


150th Celebration Events:

  • April 24: Special sermon delivered by N.C. Baptist Convention Executive Director Milton Hollifield and worship led by The Taylors
  • April 24 Evening: Special music concert with The Taylors
  • May 1: Special sermon delivered by Dr. Danny Akin of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • May 1 Evening: Church-wide talent show and cake and pie auction
  • May 8: Sermon delivered by Pastor Greg (no evening services)
  • May 15: Guest speaker Josh Eller with worship led by Keith Critcher
  • May 15 Evening: Special concert with Keith Critcher
  • May 22: Special sermon delivered by former MVBC Senior Pastor Allan Blume, worship led by former Minister of Music Terry Smith
  • May 22 Evening: Church-wide barbecue dinner celebration
  • May 29: Associate Pastor Bud Russell will speak during first and second services, third service will be a graduation service for youth led by Jason Powers
  • May 29 Evening: Family Fun Night with hot dogs, old timers softball game and corn hole
  • June 5: Special sermon delivered by former interim pastor Dr. Jim Henry


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