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Most Read Stories of October 2013

Photo by Jim Morton
Photo by Jim Morton

Compiled by Jesse Wood

The federal government shut down for more than two weeks in October, affecting the operations of the Blue Ridge Parkway and troubling business owners that depend on revenue from the leaf lookers in autumn.

‘Fuzz,’ possibly the brownest woolly worm in the history of the Woolly Worm Festival, wins the 36th-annual contest to forecast the upcoming winter weather. Click here to see the forecast prediction.

Ray’s Weather releases its “Fearless Forecast” for the 2013-14 winter season, predicting slightly less snow than the 54-year average and slightly warmer temps.

Boone and Blowing Rock held candidate forums for the November municipal elections. Both featured a few heated moments between candidates. Click here to review some of the coverage on the races and watch videos and read transcripts from the forums.

Democrats file a formal complaint with the State Board of Election, calling for the removal of Republican members of the Watauga County Board of Elections. Republican Bill Aceto filed a response days later requesting the dismissal of the complaint. Aceto’s request was essentially granted in December when the State Board decided not to have an evidentiary hearing on the matter.

A Watauga High School parent appeals to the school system because she deemed “The House of the Spirits” novel inappropriate for high school students. The novel was being read in honors sophomore English. Two committees have since upheld the novel, and it is not yet known if the parent will make her final appeal to the Watauga County Board of Education in a last effort to dispose of the book from the classroom. Click here for two months of stories on the matter.