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Mitch Hayes Trio to Perform at Twigs Restaurant and Bar in Blowing Rock Saturday, May 20

Mitch Hayes/Photo courtesy of Doug Deutsch

2016 Queen City Music Awards “Americana/Folk Artist of the Year” recipient Mitch Hayes continues on his spring and summer Heroes Tour, named for his critically-acclaimed album. The Mitch Hayes Trio, also featuring Hayes’ daughter Erin Hayes on vocals and flute, will perform at Twigs Restaurant and Bar in Blowing Rock on Saturday, May 20.

Besides excellent review for Heroes, two of Haye’s songs are presently in the Top 100 of the respected Friday Morning Quarterback Chart: “All Fall Down” at #28 and “Look At You” charting at #40. When one considers that Hayes is competing for airplay with such household-name artists as John Mayer, Bruno Mars, and Ed Sheeran, this is very impressive.

A passionate civic activist, Hayes is involved with The Konnected Foundation, a Charlotte-based non-profit dedicated to utilizing music and the arts to bring healing and unity to the community.

Heroes: What the Press is Saying

“Mitch Haye’s new album is an inspiration…a folk/Americana singer-songwriter from North Carolina who many feel is their natural successor to Leonard Cohen for his songs of social commentary.” – No Depression

“Heroes finds worth in its characters, its story inspiring as the “Hand of the Devi” puts flesh and blood to its champion, warns that ‘you cannot hide from who you are deep inside”…Mitch Hayes is a storyteller, backing his tales with folk music that touches the tunes with Country, Blues, and Americana.” – The Alternate Root

“A man of many talents and a cancer survivor, which has added an edge to his amazing voice, which can still deliver a powerful message in song. Hi lyrics are so well written, that they instantly connect with the listener. If you’re a Tom Waits and/or Americana fan, it’s truly worth the listen.” – Indie Voice Blog

“Heroes is one fine folk/Americana album that is a beautiful result of one man’s dreams and ability to persevere through extreme circumstance….the genuine article – stripped down to the barest essential of artist, words, voice, and instruments. A brave and honest album.” – Professor Johnny P’s Juke Joint

Hayes on His Song “All Fall Down” and Music Video

“I wrote this song after watching the news one morning. There was story after story about violence and injustice, armed conflict, not just the military but street thugs and robbers gunning down innocent victims, and yes even policemen doing the same. Such senseless and needless hatred and cruelty, one human being to another has no place in a modern society. Race, religion, politics, gender and sexual preference should never be fuel for such insanity. Yet, sadly, these days it seems they are just that. Filled with anger and a sense of sadness and grief over a society where this kind of behavior could go on seemingly unchecked, I just had to speak out.” – Mitch Hayes

Hayes’ show will start at 9 p.m. and end at midnight on Saturday, May 20. There is no cover charge, and the show will be 21 and over. If you have any questions or would like additional information, contact Twigs at (828) 295-5050 or visit the restaurant’s website at http://twigsbr.com/.

Twigs Restaurant and Bar is located at 7956 Valley Blvd. in Blowing Rock.