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SATURDAY: ‘Mining for a Cure’ at Doc’s Rocks to Raise Funds for Local Cancer Center

By Emily Willis

Join Doc’s Rocks Gem Mine on Oct. 8 to help mine for a cure against cancer! All of the proceeds made from this event will benefit the Cancer Patient Emergency Fund at the Seby B. Jones Cancer Center in Boone. The fundraising day will consist of a silent auction, various raffles throughout the day, and much more!unnamed-32

The inspiration of this event came from owners Trina and Randy “Doc” McCoy, when a few of their family members battled cancer. Each of Doc’s three sisters has fought her own battle with breast cancer over the years. The two who have passed away and the one survivor each serve as Doc and Trina’s motivation to stand up to cancer.

“When we first began raising money, we donated to a couple different cancer research programs,” says Doc. Once they dug a little deeper, they found that most of their money funded administrative costs, instead of patients. “We wanted our money to actually help patients and stay local, so we decided to donate to the Cancer Patient Emergency Fund.”

The fund helps local patients pay for treatments and medication, provides them rides to and from the hospital and can help offset other unexpected expenses that they may face during their battle.

The event will take place during normal business hours, which are 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. There will be one dollar raffles, with prize drawings announced every hour. These raffle prizes are donated by local businesses in Boone and Blowing Rock. Also, four gemstone raffles will take place, valued over $1,000! Those raffle tickets are $5 each.

“There will be a few additions this year at the event,” says Doc. “We will have an indoor rubber duck race (the winner will receive $20), serve pizza and have live music by Folk and Dagger at 1 p.m.” The silent auction is much larger this year and there will be more raffles, also.

Also, whenever anyone finds a rose quartz and has Doc facet and set it for them, he will personally donate the entire amount toward different cancer fighting causes. For example, the camps for the children suffering from cancer or directly to the families to help pay their medical bills. Rose quartz has been deemed as the “Breast Cancer Survivor Gemstone.” 

The goal for donations this year is $10,000. Since the inaugural Mining for a Cure event, the family has raised over $32,000. Past years donations include:

  • 2012 – $6,000
  • 2013 – $8,600
  • 2014 – $10,585
  • 2015 – $13,000

Even though the goal for this year is $10,000, Doc expects to raise more than that. “It seems that every year, the amount donated grows and grows! We hope this continues for the years to come.”

Volunteers for the event are much needed! Simply show up this Saturday, find Doc or Trina, and ask how you can help. If you aren’t able to make it out to Doc’s, you can still help! Donations can be made online at anytime or by calling 828-264-4499!

Check out these pictures from last year’s event: