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Masterclasses for the High Country: WAMY Begins Fundraiser Workshops on June 9th

Chances are that by now you have seen an advertisement for Masterclass, or have heard someone else talk about it. WAMY Community Action, a local non-profit committed to helping break the cycle of poverty in Watauga, Avery, Mitchell, and Yancey Counties, is bringing masterclasses to the High Country with the help of local masters through their WAMY Workshop Plus series. The WAMY Workshop Series consists of four core classes beginning the second Tuesday of June at 7 pm every week throughout the month, with a bonus kick-off workshop the first Tuesday of June. The only workshop that will not be hosted on Tuesday is Yoga Night, which will take place the last Monday of June, June 29.

The kick-off course is a lesson in Appalachian Clogging taught by Ashley Cook, the owner and founder of Appalachian Rhythm, a local dance studio in Boone. Following thereafter, on June 9 there will be a Wine Education Night taught by Matt Rivers, Chetola Resort’s Executive Chef, during which Rivers will guide students on how to properly pair types of wines with dishes, among other wine-oriented lessons. On June 16, Edwina May from Cheap Joe’s will lead a fun and crafty Art Night within which he will lead students in creating their own masterpieces. The next Workshop will fall on June 23 and will be hosted by Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture, during which they will lead a cooking lesson. They will utilize common ingredients and some local veggies to prepare a delicious High Country Meal, while discussing the importance of local agriculture. The last Monday of the month, June 29, will be a Yoga Night led by Catherine Scantlin of nurturing the connection.com to promote WAMY Wellness. During a time of extreme stress, this yoga lesson will aid in relaxing your mind and body for a more well you!

The WAMY Workshop Series is being launched in order to fundraise for WAMY’s Care Package Initiative, Six Feet Apart Together, that supplies care packages filled with essential items to the elderly, impoverished, and other at-risk communities in the High Country. The lessons will be $10 per workshop, or $40 for all five in the series. If you would love to attend, but Tuesday nights at 7 pm does not work with your schedule, you can still sign up! All lessons will be recorded and promptly emailed to those who enroll in the workshops. However, no one will be turned away due to a lack of means. Email Ashley Cook at ashley@wamycommunityaction.org to reserve your spot if you lack the means to pay for the lessons. Feeling extra generous? You can also cover the cost of workshops for other people! To enroll yourself, or to gift these workshops for someone in need, make a donation of the proper amount on WAMY’s website and simply write “workshop” next to your name when filling out the donation form. We can’t wait to learn with you!