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‘Make America Kind Again’ Vigil on Steps of Jones House Held on Subsequent Mondays

On subsequent Mondays at 6:30 p.m., a group of people will meet on the steps of the Jones House to “Make America Kind Again.

This gathering, which first happened this prior Monday and will take place again on Monday, Sept. 11, grew out of a previous “Vigil for Charlottesville” held in mid-August at the Jones House.

That vigil was hosted by Watauga NAACP Branch, High Country United Christ of Church and Cradleboard Interpretive Services, and a number of the attendees at that initial vigil expressed the desire to maintain a visible and positive presence. 

“During that vigil, some of us talked about continuing to meet once a week, at least for a while, because it wasn’t just the one event in Charlottesville that concerned us,” said one of the vigil attendees, who preferred not to be named. 

A few people showed up the first Monday and they were well received by folks passing by either on the sidewalk or in their cars. Several people stopped by to take their pictures; one person gave them a chocolate bar; and others honked their car horns. 

“We hope more people will join us next Monday. We plan to continue to be there on Mondays for a while anyway. We know there is already a lot of kindness in America, but lately it hasn’t felt kind enough to a lot of people.”