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Maid’s Door on July 13th and MOMIX’s “Opus Cactus” on July 21st Amongst An Appalachian Summer Festival Performances

This July, Appalachian State University will be having it’s 33rd annual An Appalachian Summer Festival. Appalachian holds the summer festival  every July in many of the different venues across the university campus. Over it’s many years of production, The Festival’s consistency of providing high quality and engaging programming has been noted nationally and been featured in the New York Times as part of their “Summer Stages” issue and by the Southeast Tourism society as one of the “Top 20 events in the Southeast.

The festival includes a wide variety of performances from music to film, classical to modern and everything in between. This Festival helps to fulfill the University’s mission of providing and “enhancing the cultural life of the Appalachian community through affordable access to its programs.” Among the many amazing performances that will arrive this month are the dance company MOMIX with their Opus cactus show as well as the National Black Theatre Festival bringing Maid’s Door.

Friday July 21st MOMIX will be bringing “Opus Cactus to the Schaefer center at 8 p.m. MOMIX is a world renown Dance company that has been providing new and innovative experiences for the last 35 years.The “Opus Cactus” show is only one of the many intricate performances the company produces which combines Illusionist Style dancing with classic ballet in order to create a breathtaking experience.

Clive Barnes of the New York Post said “Inspired by the Flora, fauna, and simple magic of the American southwest, Pendleton’s ingenuity, theatricality and cunning imagination are seen at full length in the strange vignettes of Sonoran Desert.”

The MOMIX tour can be found traveling to places such as  New York and  California to France and Italy. The High Country is truly fortunate to have such a respected and engaging performance brought to the small town of Boone. You don’t want to miss the chance to watch this amazing performance. This show is a once in a life opportunity for those who appreciate dance and a visual journey alike.

Also part of the festival, this Thursday July 13th and 14th, The National Black Theatre Festival will be presenting Maid’s Door. The show will be held in the Valborg Theatre at 8 p.m.

Maid’s Door focuses on a African-American matriarch who has worked most of her life as a maid in order to provide a better life for her family. The story shows the women in her elderly years while her now successful daughter is faced with the task of taking care of her mother with the life her mother work so hard to give her. The play shows the all too true struggle of families trying to cope with a loved one with dementia and someone haunted by their past.

“Maid’s Door” perfectly captures the universal feelings of heartache and helplessness, frustration and anxiety, rage and, ultimately, acceptance one deals with while caring for an aging, failing parent,” said Doug Devita, a patron of the show.  

These two performances are only a taste of the exemplary productions that have, and will grace the Appalachian State University stages this and future seasons. You shouldn’t miss out on anything this month long festival has to offer and it’s not too late to get your tickets for both Maid’s Door and Opus Cactus.

Tickets for MOMIX are $35 dollars for adults and $25 for students/children. Tickets for Maid’s Door are$25 for adults and  $15 for students/children. Tickets can be purchased online by phone or in person at the Shaefer Center at Appalachian State University. For more information you can call (828) 262-4046 or visit http://appsummer.org.