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Lt. Governor Dan Forest Calls on Gov. Cooper to Release Plan to Reopen North Carolina’s Economy

As states across the country begin communicating plans to safely reopen their economies, Lt. Governor Dan Forest releases the following statement:

“It is time for Governor Cooper to have a sense of urgency to reopen our economy and allow people to return to their livelihoods.

The Governors of South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia, among others, have all announced their plans to safely reopen their states.

Governor Cooper has yet to release his plan. He has repeatedly stated that he is waiting on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and testing from the federal government before he does so.

With manufacturers of these products right here in North Carolina, we need to stop waiting and provide for ourselves as other states have done.

North Carolina must have a sense of urgency to reopen. We can do two things at once – protect lives and livelihoods. The citizens of our great state deserve nothing less.”