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Love Across the Miles: Blue Star Mothers Honors Soldiers at Boone Christmas Parade

Photos by Ken Ketchie

The Blue Star Mothers of the High Country organization was pleased to showcase its float in Boone’s recent Christmas parade. It depicted a scene that is all too familiar for mothers whose children serve in our military forces.

The theme “Love Across the Miles” is portrayed in two vignettes. The first is a mother reading a letter from her soldier in the warmth of her living room complete with a patriotic tree adorned with blue stars. These stars signify the fact that she has a child in active services. The yellow bows that adorn the sides of the float represent the hope that she will one day welcome her child back home.

In the other vignette, her son sits on his cot opening the gifts sent by his family and a box of goodies sent by one of many chapters of the Blue Star Mothers. This organization supports all military members and veterans.

The Blue Star Moms of the High Country chapter proudly displayed on the float photos of their children who are currently serving in the US military. Jerry Stires, Blue Ridge Auto Sales, donated the use of the trailer we used and we are grateful for the assistance of two of our Blue Star Dads, Ron Branch and Ernie Moretz in construction of the float.

Visit bsmhc.webs.com for more information.