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Lottery Players Across NC Win $23M This week, Mega Millions jackpot reaches $216M Annuity, $119M Cash

March 3, 2014. Since Thursday, Feb. 20, lottery players in North Carolina won more than $23 million in prizes. During that time, players of instant scratch-off games won more than $18.9 million. Players of draw games won more than $4.3 million in total prizes.

Fayetteville man to use $1 million lottery prize to invest in his business

“I’ve always wanted to come to Raleigh to claim a big prize,” Todd Edge said. “Now that I’m here, it hasn’t really sunk in.” 

Charlotte woman wins $1 million first time playing an instant game

“It was too much emotion. I still can’t believe it right now,” said Erika Aparicio.

Columbus County woman stops for gas, wins $150,000

Barbara Hall of Whiteville stopped Friday night to buy gas – and came away with much more: $150,000. “The store clerk heard I was excited. She said, ‘Oh my God, you’re a big winner!’” Hall recalled. “I said, ‘I am.’”

Charlotte man to use $100,000 lottery prize to help purchase new home

“We’re building a house and this will help us pay for it,” Troy Barrett said on Thursday. “I might start a college fund for my kid, as well.”

Mega Millions Report

Friday’s Mega Millions jackpot is an estimated $216 million if taken as an annuity or $119.6 million if taken as a lump sum. In Tuesday’s drawing, 45,478 tickets won prizes ranging from $1 to $5,000 totaling $148,697. In the Feb. 21 drawing, 46,314 tickets won $149,209 in prizes ranging from $1 to $2,500.

Powerball Report

Saturday’s Powerball players have the chance to win a $60 million jackpot if taken as an annuity or $33.9 million if taken as a lump sum. Wednesday’s Powerball drawing produced 12,908 winning tickets ranging from $4 to $10,000 totaling $90,926.The Saturday, Feb. 22 Powerball drawing produced 14,984 winning tickets ranging from $4 to $500 totaling $151,696.