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Loretta Clawson and Dustin Hicks Sworn In at Boone Town Council Meeting

By Nathan Ham

Loretta Clawson was re-elected for a seventh term as a Boone Town Councilmember and Dustin Hicks is embarking on their first term as a member of the council. Both were sworn in during Tuesday evening’s meeting. 

Following the county canvas and official tallying of votes, Hicks ended up with the highest vote total during November’s election with 891, followed by Clawson with 880 and Nancy LaPlaca with 863. LaPlaca had a previously scheduled trip out of town and will be sworn in at a later date. Virginia Roseman, who appeared to be an unofficial winner of one town council seat, ended up losing the race and falling to fourth after the official votes were counted. She ended up with 848 votes. 

Clawson was sworn in on a copy of the Bible while Hicks took a different approach and decided to be sworn in on a piece of custom artwork. Both will serve a four-year term on the Boone Town Council. 

Clawson is the longest-serving member of the board and has previously served as mayor and mayor pro-tem. She was chosen to serve as mayor pro-tem once again during Tuesday’s meeting.

Hicks, who is the youngest member of the town council, is a senior at Appalachian State University and is majoring in sustainable development. Prior to the election, Hicks said their biggest focus would be on climate change, affordable housing, renewable energy and downtown development.

Loretta Clawson (left)

Dustin Hicks