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Looming 30-Degree Temperature Swing is Good Time for Ray’s Fearless Forecast

By Jesse Wood

It’s Oct. 20 and 75 degrees in Boone at 3 p.m. on Thursday, but the High Country is in for a dramatic temperature change throughout the next day or two.

RaysWeather.com noted the temperature swing in its forecast on Thursday morning. So far the forecasted high for Thursday is 77 and the forecasted lows on Friday and Saturday are both 36 degrees.

All of which to say is good timing for the release of RaysWeather.com’s Fearless Forecast for the 2016-17 winter season, where the weather outlet noted that this year’s leaf season is the latest that’s he’s observed living in Boone.

“As a result, it seems that anticipation for winter weather is suppressed across the region. But one good cold snap will rev up the anticipation,” Ray Russell wrote in his annual forecast, which is sponsored by Charles Eyler Agency.

He notes that snow lovers will not rejoice with the “Fearless Forecast” because 20 to 25 percent less snowfall than average and temperatures up to one degree above average are forecasted. See his snowfall (including ice accumulation) predictions below for the upcoming winter season:


As he always notes, Russell said that the long-range forecasts are tough to pin down.

“Don’t put much stock in this or any other long-range forecast,” Russell said.

Check out his entire forecast here. And don’t worry, Ray said: “Yes, there will still be skiing in the Western North Carolina!!!”