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After a Long Winter and Days Filled with Rain, Beautiful Spring Finally Blesses the High Country

There was a moment in the High Country when we were all positive Spring would never reach us. With temperamental temperatures over the last couple of months, we were unsure if we would ever have days with sunshine and warmth. 

Well, Spring is here to stay now! Although yesterday was drowned with rain, today we are greeted with a bright sun and a high of 73 and a low of 61 degrees this evening. Tomorrow there is a high of 77 degrees and a full sky of sunshine. With zero chance of rain, we welcome Spring into our lives once more. 

The long months of cold weather and blistering winds paid off as we waited for a beautiful Spring day to remind us how gorgeous the High Country truly is. Our home is becoming more and more lively, with flowers blooming and leaves being nurtured back to life as they climb up Grandfather Mountain.