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Local Youth Visit Penny Wise Market To Remind Adults Not To Purchase Alcohol Products for Underage

From left: Lillie Smith (WHS), Heather McCurry (ASU), Ray Khan (Penny Wise owner), Caleb Vance (WHS), Amber Perry (WHS)
From left: Lillie Smith (WHS), Heather McCurry (ASU), Ray Khan (Penny Wise owner), Caleb Vance (WHS), Amber Perry (WHS)

Oct. 2, 2014. Local youth visited Penny Wise Market to implement Project Alcopop Sticker Shock on September 30 to remind adults to not purchase alcohol products for youth.

Agents of Change from Watauga High School and Appalachian State University placed stickers on Flavored alcoholic beverages called “alcopops” that research shows are popular with youth due to their sweet and fruity flavors and bright, youthful packaging.

The stickers remind buyers of North Carolina state law that prohibits purchasing, providing or selling alcohol to persons under age 21, and helps clerks identify alcohol products that often get confused with non-alcohol beverages.  Youth thanked Penny Wise owner Ray Khan for his support to prevent underage drinking.

Youth leaders are committed to Project Alcopop Sticker Shock because they see the importance of preventing underage drinking.  Research shows that youth who drink alcohol before age 21 are more likely to become alcohol dependent or abusers in their lifetime than those who wait until they are 21.

Flavored alcoholic beverages, otherwise known alcopops, typically come in 24-ounce cans and are being targeted by this effort because they are particularly attractive to young people due to taste and price, appealing youth oriented marketing, and how easy they are to confuse with sodas, juices and energy drinks.

This effort is a part of a statewide initiative to ensure clerks and consumers know how dangerous these products are to public health.  These youth are encouraging the public to abide by state laws to prevent underage drinking and create a safer community.