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Local Teen Produces Award-Winning Feature-Length Film “Doofuses,” Screening Is March 24

An award-winning film shot locally by a Watauga County teen will be available for public viewing this coming week. the screening will be held at Hardin Park School on Saturday, March 24 at 6:30 p.m. Admission is $5 for adults and free for children 12 and under.

Doofuses, a comedy that would appeal to fans of Napoleon Dynamite and Hot Rod, won the Youth Category in the 2018 Boone Film Festival. The story follows two brothers as they try to throw their wheelchair-using friend the best birthday party ever while dealing with the  crushing weight of grief.

Elec McCready, now 18, wrote the screenplay when he was 16 and produced and directed it when he was 17. McCready said one of the things that inspired him to begin this project was the movie Geostorm featuring Gerard Butler.

“It was just so laughably bad, and I felt like I knew exactly why,” he said. “But I was struck by the fact that I really had no room to talk. I had never made a move. So I made a movie. And I think it’s better than Geostorm.

The entire film was shot over the course of 14 days and features locations such as Comeback Shack, Appalachian Antique Mall, and High Country Lanes. McCready, who plans to pursue a career in filmmaking, said the film will later be released on YouTube in April, where he hopes more people will relate to his characters and be refreshed by a different kind of story.

“When people watch Doofuses, my highest hope is that they walk away inspired by the fact that it even exists,” he said. “Doofuses was really my dream to make, and my dream came true. I hope people are inspired by that.”

The movie trailer is available on the “Doofuses Screening” event page on Facebook.

A still from the movie, featuring Elec McCready (left) and his older brother Isaac McCready (right) who also starred and produced.
A behind the scenes photo during filming a scene at the Lowes Foods at New Market.
A group shot of all three principal actors: Elec McCready (right), Isaac McCready (left), and James Mimken, an actor from Asheville.