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Local Real Estate Professionals Recognized at First Annual High Country Top 50 Realtor Gala in March

By Hailey Blevins

The Top 50 local real estate professionals gathered at Movement Mortgage on March 29 to be honored for their 2018 success at the first annual High Country Top 50 Gala.

The evening began with registration and a happy hour before a dinner at 6:30 p.m., which was provided by CR Catering. The Top 50 High Country Realtors of 2018 were then honored with leadership awards.

The Top 50 were selected based on the volume of buyers and agents in 2018, according to presenting sponsor Angela McLean, Senior Loan Officer of Movement Mortgage.

McLean spoke about how these Top 50 local real estate professionals stand out amongst their peers before talking about how her goal for the event, “That was my biggest goal: to make them feel appreciated. I just want them to realize how important they are in the community. I think sometimes they kind of get lost in the shuffle. They don’t get recognized enough. I think it’s important for them to stand out and be recognized as the professionals they are.”

McLean says that she believes realtors are doing well as we come out of the recession, “I believe so. Last year was the highest amount of closes I’ve ever done, so we hope to break that record again this year. Interest rates are really low right not, so we’re busy. We just need more inventory.”

Diamond Level sponsors were also recognized at this event. These included: Arch MI, Blue Ridge Realty and Investments, Angle, Rupp and Rupp, Dustin Stacy Attorney at Law, Clean and Dry Environmental Solutions, McLean Innovative Homes, and The Angela McLean Movement Mortgage team.

She hopes that this will become an annual event to continue recognizing individuals and teams of realtors, serving as a way for Movement Mortgage to interact with more realtors and make them feel appreciated.

Those recognized were:

Andrea Reeves-Witherspoon

Barbara Thomas

Ben McKay

Benjamin Ray

Bob de Camara

Brandon Freyer

Chad Gryder

Chris Barr

Christopher Spangler

Cindy Kovalcin

Cindy Wiehrs

Debbie E. Canady

Denise Cecile Weinkle

Jay Harrill

Jonathan Lehman

Jonathan Rivers

John Heinlein

Kim Hurley

Kim Mateiko

Lawson Fields

Leah Grove

Leslie Eason

Linda Cramblit

Lynn Hill

Maria Owens

Marsha McManus

Margo Lenmark

Matthew de Camara

Pam King

Richard Puckett

Robert Novacek

Robinson/Turner Team

Robyn Edsall

Ronald Kent

Roxanne Thomas Weavil

Sarah Long

Scott MacIntosh

Scott Warren

Stacie Pineda

Steele/Garrett Team

Stephen McDaniel

Steve Lambert

Team Blue Ridge Mountain Club

The Exurbia Team

The Hound Ears Team

The Riddick Group

Tracy Simms

Trey Lawson

Vincent Team

Virginia Powell

Zoe Schmidinger