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Local Photographer Searches for the Subjects of the Late Debbie DeVita’s Portraits of Mothers and Their Children

By Madison V. Fisler

March 29, 2013. Between 1996 and 2007, Debbie DeVita, a local photographer, took a series of ten portraits of mothers and their infants which were hung in the Watauga Medical Center’s Birthing Center in Boone. With the recent passing of DeVita, one local photographer is determined to place the photos with their subjects. 

DEBBIEOne of the High Country’s most loved photographers, DeVita passed away on June 24, 2010. After graduation from Appalachian State University in 1981, DeVita made a name for herself as an accomplished photographer who was well known and loved by all of her clients. 

Bob Caldwell, a personal friend and work collegue of DeVita’s, says that while a few of the portraits have already been placed in their new homes, more still have not been claimed. 

“All of the photos are studio portraits that show mothers and their children,” Caldwell said. “Some are of mothers breastfeeding or holding their infants, one is of a little girl and another is a little boy. We would really like to see these portraits placed with the parents and children in the photos.”

The portraits have been removed from the Watauga Medical Center’s Birthing center due to recent updates of the hospital, adding more artwork to the center and removing the portraits along with many other pieces. 

Two of the portraits have already found their owners and have been placed in their new homes. Eight pieces remain to be claimed.

Caldwell is offering these portraits back to their subjects framed and free of charge. His goal is to reunite DeVita’s work with her clients. If anyone has any information on the subjects of these portraits, or you are a subject yourself, please contact Caldwell at 828-264-9026 or email him at [email protected]