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Local Healthcare Providers from ASU and ADHD Addressing Recent Case of Meningitis of Ill ASU Student

Nov. 29, 2012. Local healthcare providers from Appalachian State University Student Health Service and Appalachian District Health Department have been working together to address one case of bacterial meningitis. An ASU student reportedly became ill while away from campus on Nov. 25, 2012.

All people that are believed to be at-risk because of close contact with the ill person have been identified. Though these people are not sick, they have contacted and have been provided preventive medication. 

ASU Student Health Service is working closely with public health officials to coordinate response efforts, though there is a very low risk that this will be spread to others in the local area given the specific details in this situation. The preventive medication provided for those in close contact as a precautionary measure is effective in preventing meningitis disease.