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Local Groundhog Legend Sugar Grove Slim Says The High Country Is In Store for “More of the Same”

Jim Sparger was out and about in Downtown Boone Saturday morning, February 2, (which is Groundhog Day) with Sugar Grove Slim – who did see his shadow today.  Jim figures this is the 28th year he and Sugar Grove Slim have been together making the rounds with the news of what we can expect weather wise for the remainder of winter. Sugar Grove Slim  pronounced this morning that the High Country will be seeing “six more weeks of whatever this winter has been” . . . and “wished us good luck” as he announced he was “going back to bed.”

Jim says he visited the Cove Creek Day Care Center on Friday where he was met by wide-eyed children fixated on Sugar Grove Slim and his mountain man caretaker. On Monday he will make his 15th annual visit to the Methodist Day Care Center. Sugar Grove Slim is known to hand out daisies to his admirers and Jim is always ready for a conversation.

As for the other famous groundhog known as Punxsutawney Phil from Pennsylvania, he did not see his shadow this morning meaning, according to legend, spring should be coming early this year.