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Local Company, Stick Boy Bread Co., Featured in Our State Magazine

The article in Our State Magazine covered Stick Boy Bread Co. and all it has to offer the High Country.

By Katie Benfield 

The High Country’s very own Stick Boy Bread Company was featured in the March 2017 Our State Magazine as a notable bakery with “hot coffee, fresh bread and friendly faces.”

“It was an honor to be featured in the magazine,” Abby Willis, Manager of Stick Boy Bread Company, said. “It was a nice treat for someone to recognize the business and have that special attention paid to us. We are thankful for the opportunity.”

Stick Boy Bread Co. has two locations in Boone; the original Stick Boy Bread Company on Hardin St. and Stick Boy Kitchen on Boone Heights Dr. The two are directly linked, but there is a major difference.

“The original location is the bakery. It’s more of a to-go, in-and-out kind of deal,” Willis said. “We bake all the bread at this location.”

At the Stick Boy Bread Co., a customer can purchase cakes, pies and pastries all baked fresh at that location. Not only this, but there is a full fresh coffee bar as well that the people of the High Country can get their daily caffeine fix from.

However, at the Stick Boy Kitchen, things are a little bit different.

“The kitchen location is more of a restaurant setting,” Willis said. “You can go, sit down and have a meal.”

According to Willis, the kitchen location also makes its own bagels. All of the bread used there for sandwiches has been freshly baked at the bakery location and delivered daily.

“They make all their sandwiches on fresh baked bread that we make here,” Willis said. “We deliver over there every day.”

Along with sandwiches, usual lunch items include soups and salads. You can also go for breakfast and dinner as well.

“You can have a bagel sandwich, but they also do regular breakfast, such as bacon, eggs and biscuits,” Willis said. “They’re open until eight, so you can actually go have dinner there too.”

Stick Boy isn’t just present in the High Country area, but there’s also a partner branch in Fuquay-Varina, a city right outside of Raleigh.

“It’s been around for awhile,” Willis said. “I would say maybe eight years or so.”

Stick Boy has existed in Boone since 2001, providing us all with the most delicious and fresh baked goods for going on 16 years, and the High Country wouldn’t be the same without it. It is wonderful that the company is getting statewide recognition for its impact and its success.

“It was such an honor to be a part of Our State Magazine,” Willis said.


Stick Boy Bread Co., located on Hardin St., is open Mon.-Fri. from 7:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m. and Sat. from 7:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Stick Boy Kitchen, located on Boone Heights Dr., is open Mon.-Sat. from 7-8 p.m.

Photo by Ken Ketchie:

Breads, cakes and pastries–everything you can imagine can be found right here at Stick Boy Bread Co.
Stick Boy Bread Co. focuses their talents not only on bread, but on cakes as well.
The bread selection at Stick Boy Bread Co. is fresh and delicious.
Stick Boy Bread Co. bakes fresh bread for the High Country.
Stick Boy Bread Co. is located on Hardin St. directly across from ASU’s campus.
Stick Boy Bread Co. provides freshly baked breads and pastries daily.


The coffee bar in full swing at Stick Boy Bread Co.