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Local Businesses Invited to Take Part in Count On Me NC Initiative to Take Extra Safety Precautions Dealing with COVID-19

By Nathan Ham

North Carolina has rolled out a program titled Count On Me NC as a way to encourage businesses to go that extra mile in cleaning, promoting face coverings, and encouraging a lot of hand washing and hand sanitizing.

“It’s a quick little survey for businesses and it helps the public know that those businesses are taking that extra step to be safe and that they are following all safety measures,” said Melynda Pepple, Avery County Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Director.

The Count On Me NC initiative is not just for restaurants, but for any business that wants to let their customers know that they are doing their very best to limit the spread of COVID-19.

“We encourage all businesses to do the surveys because it makes visitors feel that little extra step of safety while they are inside a business,” said Pepple. “When people are visiting we want them to feel safe because that is important.”

Businesses that complete the survey will be listed online at countonmenc.org and will be listed under the “Count On Me NC” tab on the Avery County Chamber of Commerce website, averycounty.com. Businesses also receive Count On Me NC name tags that employees can wear as a show of support and cooperation with the program.

“We became a member and took part in the survey and are available to help any local businesses that might have any questions about Count On Me NC,” says Pepple.

The general public can also take the Count On Me NC pledge to wear a cloth face covering, wait your turn by maintaining six feet of physical distance from others, wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer, use contactless delivery or takeout options if you have been recently exposed to, or have symptoms of, COVID-19 and be patient and kind to staff and other guests as we all try to adjust to a new normal.

Count On Me NC Business Pledge

  • Ensure staff wear cloth face coverings if they cannot keep six feet apart.
  • Ensure safe sanitation practices are followed.
  • Administer health checks to all staff prior to shift start.
  • Make sure indoor and outdoor seating meets all physical distancing guidelines.
  • Provide hand sanitizer or hand washing stations at all entrances.
  • Clean and sanitize common areas, bathrooms, and high-touch surfaces regularly using the CDC recommendations.
  • Clean and sanitize all tables and hard surfaces after every use.
  • Clean settings, utensils, menus, and condiments after every use or provide single-use options.