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Local Author Turns Kid’s Attention To Generosity for Those in Need, To Appear at Library Thursday at 11 a.m.

Book cover of Freddy Sinclair’s Double Dare

Sept. 26, 2012. Bethanie Campbell, author of the children’s book Freddy Sinclair’s Double Dare, will appear at the Watauga County Public Library for a book signing and reading during story time on Thursday, Sept. 27, at 11 a.m.

Freddy Sinclair, a friendly forest frog, accepts a double dare sending him on a two-country adventure in twenty days, opening his eyes to a world of abundance and scarcity alike. That’s the journey that local children’s author, Bethanie Campbell, takes her young readers on in Freddy Sinclair’s Double Dare, a well-illustrated book designed to teach children about need and generosity.

After Freddy experiences the leisure and plenty of the United States, Campbell takes Freddy and the reader to Marla, Sudan, where Freddy is given a unique view of the world’s water crisis. He experiences what much of the world suffers on a daily basis when people are without clean water. But he also witnesses a life-changing event when he sees a young well-digger providing the gift of clean water to a thirsty village. No longer the same frog, Freddy’s heart begins to focus on giving to those in need.


Campbell with her daughter Olivia and her sister.

In Freddy Sinclair’s Double Dare, children are given an age-appropriate understanding of cultural and economic differences through an illustrated adventure, helping them grasp that making a difference can begin with anyone at any age. “I want students to be aware that by conserving our own resources and by raising awareness we can all make a difference.” states Campbell.

Doc Hendley, founder of international aid agency Wine to Water stated, “Not only is it helping to get the word out about the world’s water crisis to this next generation in a fun and exciting way, it is also helping to teach our children that anyone, even little Freddy Sinclair can make a difference.”

Author Bethanie Campbell has a passion for writing and educating children. She received her Masters Degree from Appalachian State University in Reading Education. She hopes to use her love of writing to show children that they can make a difference in the world and in the lives of others.

Freddy Sinclair’s Double Dare is published by L’edge Press of Boone, North Carolina.