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Local Author Releases Newest Crime Story

By Madison Fisler

Oct. 24, 2012. Blowing Rock crime writer and Appalachian State faculty member Glenn A. Bruce has released his fourth book, and this one is his darkest one yet.

“Rubric” is the story of the events that “send fictional Homicide Detective Mark Young into a spiraling free fall of change and self-examination” after a series of killings in his community. 

“My Detective Mark Young sinks into some very dark places, but he refuses to give up, even if it means giving up his own life for his family,” said Bruce. 

The author, an adjunct Screenwriting professor at ASU knows what he’s talking about. The screenwriter of “Kickboxer” and  “Walker: Texas Ranger”, Bruce spent several months learning about the inner workings of a police department when he co-Produced and wrote “Victor One”, the story of the only officer to have been killed in the line of duty in Inglewood, CA.

Bruce says he learned a lot about real police officers over the months he spent with them while working on the project, and the lessons stuck.

“They inform every story I write about cops,” said Bruce. “I find that police officers, whether they’re local or Feds, make great characters who can speak to the turbulence we all experience in our lives. We see it on TV. They live it.”

“Rubric” and Bruce’s other books “Riverbend”, “Temptation Key” and “Versions of the Truth” are available on Amazon.com, at the ASU campus bookstore and Black Bear Books in the Boone mall.