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Live Music Coming Up This Friday at Town Tavern with the Jangling Sparrows Beginning at 5 p.m.

 Singer/songwriter/guitarist Paul Edelman fronts Jangling Sparrows

Live Music Returns to North Carolina when the Jangling Sparrows fly into Town Tavern, 1182 Main St., Friday, June 26. Showtime: 5pm-8pm. Free. Gig is outdoors; weather permitting. Info: (828) 295-7500 or visit https://www.towntavernbr.com.

 Singer/songwriter/guitarist Paul Edelman fronts Jangling Sparrows, whose salt-of-the-Earth, Americana-flavored Roots-Rock has been favorably reviewed by such national publications as Glide Magazine, The Alternate Root, and Music Connection, among others. 

    Jangling Sparrow’s latest album “Bootstraps and Other America Fables” was released last October. “The songs are meant to tell stories of struggle, character, and perseverance, both on the large and small scale,” explains Edelman.

“On Bootstraps And Other American Fables, Jangling Sparrows takes its place among stalwart Alt-Country acts like Drive-By Truckers and The Bottle Rockets in showing the capacity for strong songs that tell a story and rock hard.” GLIDE MAGAZINE

“Paul Edelman can pen a stand-alone lyric, his words all keepers.” THE ALTERNATE ROOT

“One of the best Americana albums I’ve heard in a long while. Paul Edelman has created a rampaging rock album with some great Country and Blues touches but most of all, great stories.”    MUSIC-NEWS.COM

“A collection of eleven magical songs that cover a wide and wonderful range of topics…’Hey! Hey! Harriet Tubman’ about the historical freedom fighter is bright, uplifting and highly respectful.” INDIE PULSE MUSIC

“This band from North Carolina makes ragged a** rock and roll that will have you thinking Crazy Horse, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and John Prine, often at the same time.”                                          THE ROCK DOCTOR

About Songwriter-Guitarist, Paul Edelman

  Paul Edelman, singer, songwriter, guitarist, poet and performer, fronts Asheville, North Carolina-based group, Jangling Sparrows. Edelman can be found sitting comfortably in Roots Rock, Country, Folk, Soul or Storyteller. His lyrics have a way of making people feel understood and his emotional vocal delivery underscores that ability. Edgy and misty, his vocals often go from a holler to a whisper seamlessly and with crisp intention. He has been compared to John Prine, Townes Van Zandt and Jay Farrar for his ability not just to create a picture with words but a whole movie with the music.